Mikki koomar felicitated as the World Peace Ambassador


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Mikki koomar felicitated as the World Peace Ambassador at Wockhardt headquarters, Conferred by the founder of the world peacekeepers moment and CEO of Wockhardt foundation, sir Dr Huz (Dr Huzaifa Khorakiwala)

During official press conference at Wockhardt headquarter, Mikki Koomar said its a great honor to felicitated with World Peace Ambassador, Thank you so much to Dr Sir Huz for giving this wonderful opportunity to be a part of this amazing family for a great mission, It will be my pleasure to contribute my skills and experiences for this ambitious mission, it’s not just an honor for me, it’s a kind of responsibility for me to spread the peace around the world as a World peace Ambassador

World Peace Ambassadors as a gesture towards acknowledging peace initiatives.

Celebrities who were a part of the felicitation ceremony included Mikki Koomar – International Model and youth icon of india, recently he became the International youth icon of india as he has received India’s most prestigious award Rajiv Gandhi Global Excellence Award in Delhi by the former Prime Minister of india’s officials called Rajiv gandhi foundation and Simran Ahuja – Miss India 2013, Sandeep Soparrkar – Bollywood dance choreographer, Mahendra Bhai Gandhi – President of Mumbai Diamond Merchants association, Kalpana Saroj – Padma shri Awardee and CEO of Kamani Tubes Company, and DJ Dolly

The World Peacekeepers Movement is aimed at spreading world peace through the formation of world’s largest army, The World Peace Army. In today’s world of distorted perceptions, the peacekeepers movement is based on the enlightening of The World Peace Triangle that represents the intellectual depth, emotional appeal and the practical realism.

The World Peacekeepers Movement (TWPM) is a movement based on the enlightening concept of THE WORLD PEACE TRIANGLE – Peace with Oneself, Peace with People & Peace with Nations – representing its intellectual depth, its emotional appeal & its practical realism, it starts with the 7 Peace Values of gratitude, forgiveness, love, humility, giving, patience and truth. It signifies the world’s mass grass roots movement of peace through the creation of the world’s largest army – The World Peace Army. With 1.9 million Peacekeepers, the World Peace Army is the world’s 2nd largest army.


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