God Cannot be Everywhere, so He sent the Doctors with Excellence & Selflessness. HAPPY DOCTOR’S DAY


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India the Doctor’s Day is celebrated on the 1st of July every year as a way of paying our respect and homage to the contributions made by Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who left an indelible mark in the history of medical profession in India.

National Doctors’ Day is a very significant occasion both for the doctors as well as for the society they serve.

The Doctor’s Day is also symbolized by red carnation because of the colour of the flower which denotes love, charity, sacrifice, bravery and courage, all of which are synonymous with the medical profession.

Apart from the doctors realizing their responsibilities the people should also recognize it and realize that they are also normal human being who needs appreciation for their work and the efforts they put for the betterment of the health of the people.

Large population crowd of the India depends in many ways on the physicians and their quality treatments which show the remarkable improvements and progress in the cure and treatments methods. Annual celebration of the doctors day has been proved as a way of encouragement and big eye opener for all the physicians and doctors of the India to wake up from their failing career due to the lack of commitment towards their profession

A Senior Doctor at Max Hospitals Dr. Naman Utreja while having words with us said “As health care professionals and scientists, we understand there are no easy answers. We still have much more to learn about this disease, with many unanswered questions. And we need to not only treat patients with the disease, but also to prevent the spread of the disease as we seek effective therapeutics and safe and effective vaccines”.

And I’d like to thank all of the physicians and health care professionals on this call today for your hard work, thoughtfulness, and commitment during this challenging time. Among the heroes who have emerged from this crisis are the health care professionals who have risked their own health to serve their patients. The nation salutes to you.

We can emerge from this emergency only by working together and Stay safe. We all must follow SMS guidelines including:
Social distancing


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