Two Children Policy’ is prospectively for discussed in parliament on August 6


Sudama Pal/Associate Editor

Ghaziabad: The member of Rajya Sabha Anil Agrawal claimed that the issue of ‘Two Children Policy’ can be discussed in parliament on 6th August prospectively. Anil Agrawal is the member who had brought private bill in Rajya Sabha on the issue to control the population in the country. He is also the patron of Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation.
Talking to media person in media center on Saturday, the Rajya Sabha Member said, the population is increasing rapidly in the country and the situation is going at dangerous level. However since sincere educated couples are doing good job following two children policy themselves, but a community persons who are not educated and finical strong, they have large number of children and such persons are protesting of ‘Two Children Policy. He said the population of India is creating obstacles in national wide development.
Anil Agarwal said that 18 percent of the world’s total population resides in India, while India has only 4% water of total universe. India has occupied only 2.4% land area of the world. In such a position, the population of India must be control with immediate effect.
The MP appreciated the prospective population bill of Government of India. He said the Government of Uttar Pradesh and Asam are doing best efforts to control in their states.
“It is possible that the PM Narendra Modi might express his government polcy on this issue during addressing the nation on the occasion of 15 August.
In the press conference, Savitri Chaudhary, the national chairperson of Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation, Rekha Sharma, Deepak Sharma were also presented.


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