Virat Vaishy Vyapari Mahakumbh on 19 Dec. in Ghaziabad

The Vaishy will demand their political representation as their 23 percent population in UP: Anil Agrawal, the M.P.


@ Sudama Pal/Associate Editor

Ghaziabad: The various local bodies of Vyapar Organizations are going to organize ‘Virat Vashy Vyapari Mahakumbh’ here in Kamala Nehru Ground, Shastri Nagar, on December 19. The thousands of Vyapari of Western UP will participate in Mahakumbh with corona protocol, claimed Anil Agrawal, the MP in a press conference on Wednesday.

Anil Agrawal, the member of Rajyasabha, said, the Vaishy are always believe in Hindutva. They are dedicated to national and contribute at large in the economy of state and country. Now, they will demand from BJP, their political representation in the ratio of their 23 percent population. Rajendra Agrawal, the ex. M.P, Piyush Goel, the central cabinet minister and many others senior leaders.

Sanjeev Gupta, the chairman of Summer Cool Home Appliances, Ashok Goel, Media Incharge of program Saurabh Jaiswal, Devendra Hitakari, V.K. Agrawal etc. were presented in press conference.


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