Neeraj Singh Started Campaigning for Brother Pankaj Singh, the BJP Candidate from Noida


@ Vikas Sharma| Sr Journalist

Noida: Neeraj Singh, brother of BJP MLA from Noida, Pankaj Singh, has completely handled the responsibility of campaigning in Noida. He is going door-to-door asking people for votes.
Pankaj Singh is also going door-to-door contacting voters every day. Crowds of people are visible in his public relations. Neeraj Singh has campaigned in dozens of areas including Nangla Charandas, Jalpura, Haldwauni, Sadarpur, Yusufpur, Tigri village, Sector-19, Sector-37, Sector-73 in five days. Youth leader Neeraj Singh is getting a lot of support from the people. He also listened to the problems of the people at many places and assured to solve them soon. Youth leader Neeraj Singh is also counting the achievements of Chief Minister Yogi Aadityinath along with the development works of MLA Pankaj Singh.


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