“Yoga for Humanity” by HARPS along with WAOW and IWPA celebrated “International Yoga Day”


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr. Journalist

New Delhi: HARPS, a voluntary spiritual group of angels, in association with IWPA (International Women Professionals in Aviation and Aerospace) and WAOW (World Association of Women Warriors), commemorated the International Yoga Day at the India International Centre on 21st June.

The exceptional and soulful event was conceptualized and conducted by Dr. Harpreet A De Singh, the CEO of HARPS and President of IWPA. It included talks and meditations on Yoga, highlighting the Yogic ‘Connection’ between the earnest soul and the ethereal Almighty and its benefits to soul, body, and mind.

The guests and participants had the opportunity to interact with sister BK Sangeeta of Brahmakumari Rajyoga Centre, who delved into the impact and importance of Yoga in everyone’s life.

While addressing the audience, Dr. Harpreet A De Singh stressed the benefits of Yoga and Meditation for all humanity, men, and women, without any differentiation of religion, caste, creed, and gender. She has started a global meditation network during the pandemic and continues to conduct live meditations as part of everyone’s universal prayers at amritvela (4:30 am) every day. Her organization, HARPS, Pure Soul – Love and Service for all, believes that everyone, without any rank or hierarchy, is an instrument of God, an angel. They fulfill the divine purpose of making the world pure, happy, and healthy. The website of HARPS was inaugurated during the event by Mr. Omkareshwar Pandey, Observer Post and coordinator of Commonwealth, along with WAOW and WICCI representatives.

HAPRS also bestowed the prestigious Kali Amar Singh Memorial Award for rising above the adverse circumstances and accomplishing goals with zeal and enthusiasm to Capt Rachna Suri.

Capt Sunita Narula, B777 Instructor pilot and National Yoga Champion gave a talk on Yoga. Also, she judged the Yoga completion by assessing the online videos of numerous aspirants across the network. The Delhi Chapter Head of IWPA, Ms. Sunita Dutt, also a Supreme Court Lawyer, was present along with other IWPA members. Capt Vibha Parashar, an IWPA pilot on Airbus, announced the results of the Online Yoga competition. Capt. Lata Viswanathan won the first prize, followed by Ms. Jasmin A Singh and Ms. Eakta Menon. WAOW sponsored the prizes for the competition.

Ms. Shahwar Shohrat, International Director. World Association of Women Warriors, along with Ms. Mamta Godiyal & Mr. Shalab Saighal of WAOW, facilitated Dr. Harpreet A De Singh on occasion. The event was graced by Dr. Madhu Chandok, Mrs. Dimpyy Kapoor, Ms. Simrun Arora, Ms. Simriddhi Shoor, Ms. Ajaya Singh, Ms. Sheena Singh, Ms. Rachna Gupta, and Mr. Haasan Zaidi, among other esteemed guests.


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