Lord Shiva’s Month SAWAN Starts 14th July 2022


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Lord Shiva’s month Kanwar Yatra 2022 Like every year, the Kanwar Yatra, which is started in Sawan, will be started this year after two full years with great pomp. Let us tell you that Sawan, the favorite month of Lord Shiva, is going to start from July 14.

According to the Purnimanta calendar,
the month of Shravan is starting from July 14 this year. Therefore, the Kanwar Yatra will start from 14th July and will end on 26th July on Shravan Shivratri.

What is kanwar?
Kanwar is a bamboo pole with two pitchers hanging from ropes on either side. The kanwariyas carry the kanwar on their shoulder and start the journey to collect the holy water of the Ganges. Kanwariyas start their journey to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Gaumukh, Gangotri, Kashi, Sultanganj etc. to fill this pot. Shravani fair is held in Babadham of Deoghar for a whole month of Sawan.

Types of Kanwar Yatra
Interestingly, the kanwars can be classified into four types. And they are as follows:

During the Kanwar Yatra sitting – Kanwaria can keep the Kanwar on the ground.

Dak – Dak Kanwariyas have to run with Kanwars, they cannot stop.

Khari-Gulf Kanwariya can neither hang the kanwar nor keep it on the floor. He has to ask someone else to hold it while he is resting.

Jhula – Jhula Kanwariyas can hang their kanwar but cannot keep it on the ground.

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Interesting facts about Kanwar Yatra
The Kanwariyas keep a fast while wearing a kanwar and walk barefoot.

The consumption of grains, water and salt is strictly prohibited until the Bhole Baba is offered Ganga water.

Kanwariyas keep each other’s name as Bhole and keep on chanting the name of their Mahadev, who is affectionately called as Bholenath.

Bam bam naive is chanted all the way in Kanwar Yatra


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