Senior Manager of Bank of Baroda stabbed to death by her husband

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Sudama Pal @ Associate Editor

Deepak Chandel@ Photo Journalist

Ghaziabad.  Vikas Meena, resident of Vasundhara Sector-15 under the jurisdiction of Indirapuram police station, murdered his wife Kamya Meena, who was a senior manager in  Bank of Baroda. The accused jumped  from the roof after stabbed to death his wife. While jumping from roof,  the bones of both his legs were broken and he was seriously injured.

Local people informed to the police.  When police reached the spot, Vikas’s wife  Kamya Meena had died.  Accuses husband Vikas was hospitalized by police. It is being told that Vikas had doubts about the character of his wife.  Due to which this massacre was carried out.

According to the police, Jagdish Meena lives with his son Vikas Meena and daughter-in-law Kamya Meena and an 8-year-old and a 3-year-old grandson in Vasundhara Sector-15. He told that the tension between his son Vikas Meena and daughter-in-law Kamya Meena was going on for a long time.  His daughter-in-law Kamya was working as a senior manager in Bank of Baroda.  His son Vikas suspected his wife that she was having an affair with another man.  He was going through a lot of stress about this matter.  Due to stress, he uses to spend time at home.

Jagdish Meena told that Vikas was sleeping with him in the room afternoon. Suddenly he got up and started stabbing at Kamya with a knife.  When there was screaming, his eyes opened and he saw, Vikas had two knives in his hand.  He also stopped Vikas, but he kept attacking Kamya with a knife and when Kamya Meena fell on the ground in a bloody condition.

Vikas rushed to the roof of the house and jumped from there. After this he too got injured and the information was given to the local police.  By the time the police reached the spot, Kamya Meena was already dead.

SP City II Gyanendra Singh said that in the preliminary investigation of the police, it has been found that Vikas did not have a job for about 5-6 years and Vikas’s wife Kamya Meena was a senior manager of Bank of Baroda.  There was frequent dispute between husband and wife.  He said that due to tension between husband and wife,  Vikas himself had tried to commit suicide in January.


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