“UP govt staff policy 2022-23”Chief Fire Officers of Many UP Districts are Overstaying in Violation of UP Transfer Policy 2022-2023


@ Saket Dinkar | News Editor

Lucknow : New transfer policy of UP government approved by cabinet came into effect wherein 3 years in a district and 7 years in divison is the maximum limit for group “B”class officers. But Chief Fire officers of many districts are over staying in the district for more than 3 years.
Chief Fire Officers of the following districts including Ghaziabad, Gautambuddha Nagar, Hapur, Moradabad, Saharanpur,Varanasi, Agra including capital Lucknow are still continuing in the district for more than 3 years. Some of them are even staying for more than 5 years.

Copy of Yearly Transfer Policy

When contact made to concerned officials on the issue, most of the officers had set reply “we have packed our bag and baggage and awaiting our transfer order.”

Shri Avinash Chandra, DG Fire Services, Uttar Pradesh

When News Editor of “A News of India” on this matter called Sri Avinash Chandra; DG Fire Services, UP for his version why so many officers in almost a dozen districts are overstaying even after new transfer policy came into effect, he told, ” it is in the process.” When asked when the order will be issued? On this, DG Fire service informed, “when it will be issued you will come to know.”


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