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Genrobotics to Revolutionise the Healthcare Sector with an Advanced Robotic Gait Trainer, Aiming at Faster Recovery of Paraplegic and GaitDisabilities

Genrobotics,a national award-winning start-up and the developer of the world’s first robotic scavenger – Bandicoot, has launched its new robotic gait trainer, ‘G-Gaiter,’for the healthcare segment ensuring a faster recovery from paraplegic andgaitdisabilities.

Padma Shri Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corp, who is also an investor and board member of Genrobotics, launched G-Gaiter, in the presence of Anoop P Ambika, CEO, Kerala Start-up Mission; Dr. Saji Gopinath, Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology;IAS Rathan U. Kelkar, Secretary (Electronics & IT), Government of Kerala; Vimal Govind M. K., CEO and Managing Director, Genrobotics;and Rashid K., Director, Genrobotics. Kerala’shonorablehealth minister Ms. Veena George joined the event through avideo felicitation.

Globally, 15mn people suffer a stroke every year and 13mn people in India suffer from various paraplegic and gait conditionsapproximately. According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) data 2019, over8,40,000 people in Kerala suffer from paraplegicand gait disabilitieswith more probable cases as of today. The number of stroke patients in Kerala is higher than in other states.

For the recovery of patientshavinga paraplegic or gait disability,doctors and physiotherapists suggest gait training. It’s a set of exercises to help such patients improve their ability to control the lower torso by improving strengthand balance and mimicking the repetitive nature of legs that occurs while walking which helps create neuroplasticity to treat paraplegia and gait disabilities.However, the traditional gait training method has a lengthy recovery period and several drawbacks.

In the traditional gait training methods, it becomes difficult to carry on the natural and physiological gait pattern. This problem may be resolved to a certain extent but would require more assistance from therapists. In short, it requires quite a number of therapists in action to assist one paraplegic or gait-disabledpatient. For effective gait training, a patient is required to keep up with more than 900 steps which will result in an estimated time of 4 hours. Such a pattern will account for a hectic schedule for the therapist, resulting in lesser time for patients. Moreover, through these conventional methods, the therapist won’t be able to track the patient’s improvement.

G-Gaiter is a healthcare tech that is going to give the perfect response to the problems with the traditional gait training method. G-Gaiter’s AI-powered natural human gait pattern and top-notch rehabilitation functions aim to increase the consistency and quality of gait patterns. The functionality of the robot enables medical professionals to creatively tailor therapy to each patient’s particular needs in order to assist them with re-walking for perfection while also saving time and effort.

The kith and kin of these patients often end up losing their dream of seeing them walk again. This is where gait training technologies like G-Gaiter cometo save. Although gait training technologies were available in western countries,they were hardly accessible. This domestically produced system could be brought into action at a much minimal rate with better quality and efficiency in both technical and non-technical ways. The major aim of the developers at Genrobotics is to make technology more affordable to patients by widening its scope of functionalities and implementing it in the rural parts of the country, thus bringing a ray of hope in the lives of these paraplegic and gait patients.

The team of Genrobotics began research for exoskeleton-based gait rehabilitation in early 2015. This extensive research has paved the way to develop their own technology called G-Plot. G-Gaiter is based on this technological platform.

“Anchor companies like Genrobotics will transform India from a developing to a developed country, as only through these companies can the nation grow. I want Trivandrum as the Robotic Capital of the world. It’s possible but we need anchor companies like Genrobotics that have the power, drive, and vision to stay in the course. If we do that, in the next 20-30 years,Genrobotics can be a 10-20bn giant and transform the whole state,” said Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corporation, during the launch of G-gaiter.

Genrobotics has been serving international markets since 2018. They are well known as the creators of the world’s first robotic scavenger Bandicoot – a robot that lets ULBs and refineries avoid manual entry into manholes for routine maintenance. Now, their new G-Gaiter is transforming the healthcare industry by allowing faster rehabilitation while remaining easily accessible to all. Genrobotics is backed by Zoho Corp, Unicorn ventures, along with other industrialists like Anand Mahindra and Rajan Anandan for the development of robotics in medical and sanitation fields.


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