SAD will contest MCD polls actively across all 250 wards: Sarna


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

NEW DELHI— The Shiromani Akali Dal will actively participate in the December 4 MCD elections, its Delhi chief Paramjit Singh Sarna announced Saturday.

SAD will field candidates across 250 wards of the Delhi municipality on its own symbol, the Panthak leader said.

His announcement came after a high-level party meeting that followed the MCD poll schedule released by the Delhi state election commission.

Around 1.46 crore people, are eligible to vote in the MCD elections.

“Delhi is home to the largest population of the Sikhs in any single metro city across the world,” Sarna noted. “We will not let this strength of power go waste. We will display it in full force by fielding our Akali candidates proudly in all MCD wards.”


The Delhi Akali chief will also take an extensive tour of the city’s length and breadth in the run-up to the polls.

He will visit key Panthak figures, professionals, academics, writers and influencers in order to secure their intellectual support for the Akali endeavour in the national capital.

“The contemporary young Sikh intelligentsia has long been sidelined by vested interests in our present-day DSGMC politics. We will reach out to them with folded hands to request their intellectual support, and even participation, in the upcoming MCD elections,” Sarna said.

The veteran Akali leader declared that the legacy party under his leadership in the city would hold the “kirti” hard-working Sikhs, the entrepreneurial Sikhs in every corner of Delhi in high esteem.

“The representation of the kirti Sikhs and Sikh intellectuals in the choice of our candidates will reflect the core Sikh ideology espousing wisdom, honest living and hard labour. And we are confident of making our presence felt across all of the city and in the corridors of power,” Sarna said.


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