It is a matter of pride that the song ‘Mera Aasman Hai Papa’, dedicated to father, received the SWA Award 2022: Aaryan Saxena


(Afaq Khan) Correspondent

Mumbai Renowned film director, writer Aaryan Saxena is very happy that the song written by him for the film ‘Mera Fauji Calling’ has won the SWA Award-2022. They say that songs dedicated to the mother are highly appreciated. Songs of this category have also received many awards. Few songs dedicated to father have been written. It is a matter of much later that he gets the award.
Aaryan Saxena said that but the song ‘Mera Aasmaan Hai Papa’ from my film Mera Fauji Calling has received the Screen Writer Association Awards 2022 in the Best Lyrics category. This award is not only a matter of pride for the people associated with the film, but it is a matter of pride for every father who himself takes all the trouble in life to make his children successful, but does not let the children suffer. .
Film writer Aaryan Saxena told that the film
This song dedicated to father in Mera Fauji Calling is written by Shakeel Azmi. Music in this song is given by Vijay Verma. This song is not only inspiring for all, but also instills in our children a sense of responsibility towards our father. Not only the sacrifice of the mother but also of the father is more for the children. It is a different thing that by linking this sacrifice of the father with his responsibility, their importance is reduced. Aaryan Saxena has thanked the Screen Writer Association for this award. He called upon the songwriters and filmmakers that we should emphasize on presenting the topics based on father’s role and sacrifice on the screen in a positive and inspirational way and it is also necessary to get the award, it boosts the morale and inspires to do good is


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