Teenage boy died while playing with friends, parents alleged of murder


Ashok Yadav | Editor

Ghaziabad : A teenager died while playing in Vijay Nagar police station area. At some distance from the house, some friends were playing a game of slapping each other by putting sacks one by one. In the game, a teenager got slapped near his friend’s eye. But after some time started playing again. When it was the turn of another teenager, then the game of slapping started by putting a sack on his head.

During the game, the friend caught his throat along with slapping. After which he fainted. When the relatives came to know about it, they hurriedly took the teenager to the district hospital for treatment. Where the doctors declared him dead. At the same time, the relatives have filed a complaint against three friends of the teenager in the police station alleging murder. The police have taken the body into custody and sent it for postmortem.

Rajkumar lives with his family near Krishnanagar Bagu 20 Foot Road in Vijayanagar area. Keshav (17) used to work in a mart. Keshav was playing with friends near a boundary wall in the locality around 8 pm on Tuesday night. The game was that a sack would be thrown over one friend and the other friends would slap him. The one who will be recognized, his turn will come next. The game continues until the friend recognizes the slapper.

During this game Keshav slapped his friend Vishu near his eye. Due to which he was having pain. But when Vishu recognized it, it was Keshav’s next turn. When the game of slapping started with a gunny bag on Keshav’s head, he fainted. The family alleges that Vishu strangulated Keshav to take revenge and beat him badly. Due to which he died.Vijay Nagar Police started investigating the case. While talking with Devender Chauhan, Incharge Byass Choki said,  “Accused has been arrested and further investigation is carry on”


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