Defence Infrastructure Construction and Building Materials Expo (DIBEX-2022)


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Defence Infrastructure Construction and Building Materials Expo (DIBEX-2022) was inaugurated and presided over by Lt Gen Harpal Singh PVSM AVSM VSM ADC Engineer-in- Chief. Major General Sandeep Vohra, Officiating DGW, Maj Gen Sanjay Malik Chief Engineer, South western Command, Sh. J. S. Verma Joint DG (Contract), Dr. P.R. Swarup Director General CIDC besides many other senior officers from MES/Govt Departments were also present on the occasion. The Exhibition has been organized jointly by MES Builders Association of India and M/s Triune Exhibitors Pvt.Ltd. The Hony.Gen.Secretary Sh.Azeezulla Khan welcomed all dignitaries/participants/Exhibitors/Builders Members to DIBEX-2022. He stressed upon that there is need of these type of Exhibition to enhance the knowledge of Department and Builders.

President Sh.Anil Kapoor emphasized that the MES Builders Association want the industry to know that we consider it as an integral part. We cannot look at each other only with the point of view of vendor and customer. We have to align our interests with each other and make efforts to grow together.

The contractors are solely responsible for the end product i.e. the project that we complete. We both need to hold each other’s hand and push all those new innovative products which can go a long way to reduce the risk of failure and improve reliability.

Therefore, I want to send out a message to our friends in the industry that henceforth MESBAI will be your voice as well. We will make an endeavour to mitigate your problems, with MES department and MES contractors, to the best institutionally possible extent.

Secondly, this is an endeavour to motivate the young, entrepreneurial talents who are being groomed under the able guidance of their fathers in their respective companies and students of civil engineering. In order to achieve this aim, we have not only organized the exhibition of products but also an exhibition of photographs of the magnificent buildings of national importance that have been built by MES contractors under the able guidance of MES. We also want our young friends to draw inspiration from the illustrious dignitaries present. Therefore youngsters should make every effort to work hard with dedication, to be like them, or even surpass them with their accomplishments.

In the third place, this is an endeavour to infuse pride for our business profession and self- respect. Making money should not be our sole aim. Our business should also have some noble motive because without any larger motive, if we work only for money, it will be like leading an animal life. Having a lot of money will not earn you respect in the society. For example cigarette, Gutka or Liquor industry. We should truly infuse and deeply embed a culture in all functionaries in our respective organizations that our task of building infrastructure for defence forces is our humble contribution to task of nation building. We should always be very proud of the hard work that we all put in, the assets that we create and employment that we give. DIBEX is an occasion when we introspect on our shortcomings, look back at the milestones that we have achieved in our professional life and celebrate of our hard work.

Fourthly, I feel that we must overcome self-obsession. Rather than we appreciating ourselves from the association’s platform or by the MES alone, we must earn appreciation of the society at large. We must shun the culture of “YOU SCRATCH MY BACK AND I SCRATCH YOUR’S”.

When we are in open environment (which in any case eventually we will because government is also forcing steps in this direction) we will have to be more cautious of the end product that we
deliver and conscious of our name and reputation.
We must take inspiration from the organizations like CPWD or tiny organisations like NBCC,
EIL, RITES, etc. for their progressive approach in construction and their methodology of
contract management. They have all been able to earn a critical acclaim of the society and have
been successful in establishing their credibility with government and other stakeholders.
This is all because their works are constantly highlighted by them on different forums.
This has resulted in sizable number of projects being entrusted to them whereas it is painful to
see some projects that MES deserved being entrusted to other organisations.
This is despite the fact that our cost of construction is the lowest in comparison with any otherorganisation.

In order to achieve this aim, we have not only organized the exhibition of products but also an
exhibition of photographs of the magnificent buildings of national importance that have been
built by MES contractors under the able guidance of MES.
Sh.Anil Kapoor mentioned that despite the fact that our works have successfully stood the
extreme tests of time such as tsunami, earthquakes, etc. DIBEX is an endeavour to showcase our capabilities and works to the society and enhance our credibility. Appreciation coming from others will not only make us feel proud but will also open more doors of opportunities for all of us.
Participant will acknowledge that MESBAI has always had a very professional and progressive
approach. We request all other stakeholders to join hands with us for making advancements in
our profession.

The Chief Guest Lt Gen Harpal Singh PVSM AVSM VSM ADC Engineer-in-Chief appreciated
the initiative taken by MESBAI and Triune Exhibitors Pvt.Ltd. for organizing DIBEX-2022.
Such exhibitions give a platform for all stakeholders to meet and interact and to showcase their new innovative products which helps to improve the end product i.e. projects. The exhibition is open for all till 23rd November 2022. There would be Technical Seminar on “Road Map for Strategic Thrust to Boost Innovation in Construction Industry” under the chairmanship of Maj Gen Vijay Jotwani on 22nd November 2022.


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