Herbal Essential Oils By Khadi Sanskriti


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Healing with plant-based essential oils originated in India 1000’s of years ago in Ayurvedic science, & is currently more popular in international markets due to the miraculous character of aromatic plants that supply the therapeutic properties with direct contact, it is a significant deviation from chemical-based treatments that flood the market. Khadi Sanskriti, a brand founded by Ms Supriya Arora, (a professional Aromatherapy trainer at Khadi India), & managed by “Sanskriti Essentials,Haryana” was formed to bring the best of natural essential oils infused into herbal cosmetics to offer the finest skin care, body care & hair care solutions & promote holistic wellness of the consumer. Khadi Sanskriti offers a wide range of herbal cosmetics such as herbal shampoos,Herbal massage oils, Carrier oils, Herbal Face wash, Body wash, Handwash & Herbal handmade soaps that offers various skin & hair care benefits to consumers all over India & across the globe. These products are available at various online & offline platforms as well.


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