All Three Killers well planned to kill Ateek-Ashraf


Prayagraj : Mafia Ateeq Ahmed and his brother were openly murdered in front of the media and security force team.. Saturday night when the police were taking both of them to the hospital for medical test.. Ateeq-Ashraf walking side by side. They were questioning… Then suddenly three youths shot Atiq on his head.. The killers had already planned this murder.. The three killers were identified as Arun Maurya, Lavlesh Tiwari and Rohit alias Sunny. Has happened… At the same time, the police have got important clues about the three accused. Tell you what those clues are.

Before committing this murder, all three had taken a hotel to stay in Prayagraj.. They stayed in that hotel for 48 hours.. It is clear from this that the killers were just waiting for the time when Atiq came out.. That’s why Taking advantage of this, the assailants attacked Ateeq and Ashraf.. Now the police is questioning the hotel staff.. One of the killers came with a hanging bag.. There is a possibility that the rest of the killers’ belongings are still in the hotel.. Morning Since then the police is raiding other hotels as well.


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