Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s Great-Granddaughter, Shreya Narayan, to Take Up a ‘Part-Time Job’


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The Great-granddaughter of India’s first President, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, and Bollywood actress, Shreya Narayan, is now set to pursue a part-time job. Yes, that’s the name of her new film, directed by veteran journalist Piyush Pandey. Having starred in numerous films like “Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster,” “Rockstar,” “Super Nani,” and “Yara,” Shreya Narayan’s last film was “Murder at Koh E Fiza,” which was released on an OTT platform last year. “Part-Time Job” is a 21-minute short film that will premiere on the popular digital platform, The Short Cuts, on June 7th, following which it will be available on several major OTT platforms.

Shreya Narayan is highly enthusiastic about this film. She says, “I can guarantee that the subject of this film has never been touched upon before. ‘Part-Time Job’ revolves around a social drama enveloped in mystery and thrill. It tells the story of a ten-year-old child who feels neglected amidst the busyness of his parents working part-time jobs for extra income and enters a world that we cannot even imagine yet.”

Piyush Pandey has written and directed this film. Recently in the limelight for writing the biography of actor Manoj Bajpayee, Piyush served as the associate director for the film “Blue Mountains” in 2017 and has written dialogues for several episodes of the TV serial “Maharaj Ki Jai Ho” on Star Plus. Speaking about the film’s subject, he says, “This film is a message for all present-day families. Yes, the film has the essence of a suspense thriller. Today, many big actors are doing short films, and short films provide a diversity of subjects where artists can explore themselves. Shreya Narayan and Hemant Mahaur play the lead roles in the film, both of whom have played pivotal roles in at least 15 films.”

Hemant Mahaur also plays a significant role in “Part-Time Job.” He was recently seen in the web series “Dr. Arora” on Sony TV. Hemant says, “It’s a sensitive role, and I claim that after watching this film, people will be compelled to think about their approach to raising children.”

Master Pravar Pandey has portrayed the character of 10-year-old Aditya in “Part-Time Job.” In this film, Pravar plays the role of a table tennis player and, in reality, is the Under-13 table tennis champion from Ghaziabad. Rajesh Jain and Navin Kishore have produced the film.


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