International Police Expo 2023 Showcased Cutting-Edge Ammunitions and Advance AI Revolutionary Drone Technologies for the first time in India


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Delhi – The much-awaited International Police Expo 2023 brought India on a global stature by bringing together global law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and security experts for a remarkable event. This international event shaped the future of public safety and security worldwide.
The Expo started today at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi. One of the biggest platforms featured groundbreaking advancements in ammunition technology, along with the highly anticipated launch of the latest drone technology, poised to revolutionise policing and security operations.

Organised by NextGen Exhibition, this visionary event surely Empowered Security in today’s Dynamic World. With the grand launch of various new technologies, latest arms, ammunitions, and security tech innovators from 25 countries including UK, USA, Israel, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Estonia, France, UAE, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Italy, South Korea and Sweden.

The Expo featured an extensive display of state-of-the-art ammunition and weaponry designed to enhance operational efficiency while ensuring the safety of law enforcement personnel and civilians alike. Cutting-edge advancements in firearms, non-lethal weapons, and tactical gear were unveiled, reflecting the ongoing commitment to minimising collateral damage and maximising precision during critical operations.

One of the featured weapons is the Ashani-0.32 Mk-IM Pistol, crafted by Kolkata-based gun manufacturers, Advance Weapon and Equipment Limited. This pistol is 660 grams and stands out as the smallest and most discreet self-defence tool, specifically designed for women, empowering them to protect themselves confidently. Another standout product is the DETEGO Unified Digital Forensics Platform, garnering accolades for its ability to expedite investigations. Equipped with AI-powered analytics and record-setting data acquisition, it effortlessly handles critical data extraction from various devices, such as computers, phones, drones, and smart devices. Even non-technical users can operate it with ease, making it suitable for both lab and field-based environments. Trusted by global enterprises, elite military units, and intelligence agencies, DETEGO aids in combating a wide array of serious crimes, from cyber-crimes to terrorism and human trafficking.

“Troop Comforts provides equipment that ensures comfort in all weather situations, be it Siachen at minus 50 or Bikaner desert at plus 50, or the marshy lands of NE Marshal. We supply equipment to soldiers and troops, ensuring comfort in hostile weather situations. Moreover, we have expanded our product range to include bullet-resistant jackets and conceivable vests, which are particularly useful for soldiers in operational areas like nationalised zones.” said RK Verma Additional GM OEF Kanpur, A unit of Troops Comforts Ltd.

MOBILedit Forensic Pro is an all-in-one solution that combines physical and logical data acquisition, application analysis, deleted data recovery, and an intuitive interface. With its robust security bypassing capabilities, MOBILedit Forensic Pro has become an indispensable tool for law enforcement, industry experts, and forensic professionals. Its integration with Camera Ballistics ensures scientific analysis of camera photo origins, delivering meticulous results to crack complex cases. Cellebrite Inspector is yet another game-changer at the expo, offering quick and comprehensive analysis of computer extractions. Examiners worldwide rely on its AI-assisted picture and video categorization, powerful filtering, and support for the latest systems for whole disk encryption. By providing a holistic timeline of events, Cellebrite Inspector uncovers the hidden truth behind each case. Its scalable design allows effortless sifting through large data sets, enabling users to surface vital insights swiftly. With its ability to generate court-ready reports and seamless collaboration features, Cellebrite Inspector is the go-to solution for examiners seeking efficiency and accuracy in their investigations. The Unmanned life Boya by Sri Lalitha is different from the traditional life Boya where you have to throw the ring. This is a remotely operated device that can go up to 800 metres at a speed of 18 kilometres per hour and has a carrying capacity of 200 kgs. It can reach the victim along with the rescuer and bring the victim back to the shore safely. It is specifically designed for marine rescues, including the Indian Coast Guard and the Indian Navy. It can also be valuable in handling natural calamities such as floods, which India faces every year.

The Police Expo presents an array of futuristic technologies that are redefining the landscape of law enforcement. These innovative products promise enhanced capabilities, improved efficiency, and ultimately, safer communities. From compact and discreet self-defence tools to cutting-edge digital forensics platforms, these advancements are set to reshape the future of policing.

Aadhar Bansal, Director, Nexgen Exhibitions Pvt Ltd. said, “Our commitment lies in curating events that inspire progress and foster collaborations, shaping a safer and more secure future for communities worldwide. The expo unveiled the latest drone technology that redefines surveillance, reconnaissance, and emergency response capabilities for the police and armed forces.”

The event gave a vital platform for the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and experiences amongst police departments and armed forces from across the globe. Over 300 national and international manufacturers, exporters, and brands showcasing next-gen innovations in Firearms, Drones, Cyber Security, Data Theft, AI, Mobile Forensics, and other futuristic technologies to over 7000 police and defence personnel. Nexgen Exhibitions also organised the largest Drone International Expo 2023 and 7th Indian Homeland Security Expo on the sidelines of the 8th International Police Expo.

The International Police Expo 2023 became a testament to India’s commitment to fostering international cooperation and bolstering security efforts on a global scale. This unparalleled event served as a catalyst for progress and innovation, enabling the exchange of knowledge and expertise among nations, ultimately leading to safer communities worldwide.

About Nexgen Exhibitions:

Nexgen Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. is Asia’s leading and established trade fair, exhibition and conference organizer with over 15 years of experience in handling world class trade fairs and exhibitions. Nexgen Exhibitions is led by a team of professionals and delivered successful projects at India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Kenya, Uganda, Sri Lanka etc. The company has successfully organised some of the established events for industries such as Homeland Security, Safety, Fire, Sugar, Paper, Lubricants, Medical and Healthcare, Lifts and Elevators, Building and Construction, Engineering, Technology and many more.


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