PVLF 2024 is here, Honoring Literary Brilliance and Celebrating Regional Voices


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

The eagerly awaited PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival (PVLF) is back with its 2024 edition, ready to set new benchmarks. Building on the remarkable success of its previous editions, PVLF continues to serve as a platform that propels aspiring authors toward recognition and success in the literary world.

PVLF 2024 will host a 5-Day Author’s Marathon from 15th January – 19th January, allowing writers to market their work, interact with readers, publishers, and peers, and foster connections within the literary community. The 6th day of the festival will conclude with the award ceremony on 20th January.

“Outside of Academic books, 90% of the authorship & 80% of the readership is directed towards Mental Wellness; hence we have kept the theme for PVLF 2024 as Sanity.Serenity.Sustainability.” – Kapil Gupta, Founder of the Frontlist Media

The theme for PVLF 2024 is “Sanity. Serenity. Sustainability.” Under this theme, the festival will feature sub-theme sessions during the Author Marathon. Some of the Sub-themes will include History & Mythology, Wars & Famine, Nationalism & Patriotism, and Equality & Racism.

This year, the festival introduces a regional literature category to the Author Excellence Awards to celebrate the brilliance of regional authors, acknowledging their unique contributions to the world of literature. This step is taken considering the diversity of the literature in India.

The PVLF Excellence awards’ credibility and transparency continues to be ensured by Nielsen Bookdata. Authors, readers, publishers, and enthusiasts are invited to join this grand celebration of literature, knowledge, and creativity. PVLF 2024 promises unforgettable experiences with captivating discussions, thought-provoking panels, and valuable networking opportunities within the publishing industry.

The 2nd edition of the PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival was a massive success, garnering 2M+ reach and 200k+ visitors. The literature festival was a six-day event (Virtual+Physical) organized in a distinct composition from its previous edition. The Authors Marathon witnessed 79 speakers and 27 publishers garnering an impressive viewership of over 600,000 minutes. The Author Excellence Awards received a remarkable 2 lakh votes during the voting time period.

“The written word has the ability to give strength and magnify the voices of those who are often overlooked. I am hoping to witness a rise in the number of female authors like last year.” – Navita Berry, Festival Director of PVLF

The nominations have begun now, the author can nominate themselves in the multiple categories. Mr. Kapil Gupta(Founder Frontlist Media) along with Ms. Navita Berry(Festival Director), will bring their expertise from the past four years to make this festival the best it can be.


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