Chandrayan 3 achieved Success; World wide Celebrations amongst Indians


Saket Dinkar | News Editor

India becomes First Country to land on the south pole of moon

Delhi-NCR :ISRO’s prestigious project; “Chandrayan 3” successfully landed on the south pole of the moon which is the most important aspects of any space programme and after this achievement, India became the first country in the world to land on the south pole of moon. The landing on south pole is incredibly difficult and very significant in the history of any such projects undertaken world wide.

Indians residing all over the world felt honoured to be Indians, after witnessing the event through ISRO’s live streaming of its success and congratulated ISRO’s scientists and all staff members associated with the project “Chandrauan 3” for achieving this grand success.

In the entire world Indian community were praying for its success for the last week and curiosity has been seen in all Indians from all walk of life and peoole were seen waiting to see its live straming every where. Even Baba Ramdev has conducted a special “Hawan” for the success of landing the project “Chandrayan 3”.

After this achievement, the India’s status in the global lists also went towards a developed nation.

The Hon’ ble Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi also congratulated all scientists and officials of ISRO for this achievement from Johansburg; the capital of South Africa, where he is presently attending BRICS submit. He described this historical achievement of India as “Chandrayan 3” landing as “what we use to say Chanda Mama door ke but after ISRO has achieved this success, we will now tell Chanda mama tour ke” which means now it will be easy to start a tour of moon. Overall, India became 4th nation in the world to successfully reach on moon.


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