Hapur Police Attacks on Advocates


@ UP Bureau

Hapur/Noida: Hapur police on 28th august lathi charged on advocates who were sat on dharna against Hapur Police after a false case was registered against an advocate Priyanka Tyagi.

The advocates were silently protesting against this move of Hapur police for falsely implicating their co -worker.

One of the advocate who was doing Protest said to ‘A News of India’, ” Hapur Circle Officer Satyendra Sisodiya ordered to charge lathi on us and was telling I have arrived here to treat these advocates.”

Due to such police action of lathi charge on the advocates many advocates including senior and old advocates have been seriously injured. Such kind of police lathi charge can not be justified at any level. Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh must view this police action on advocates very seriously and should represent the state government to take immidiate stern action on Hapur police and lodge FIR against irresponsible police officials in the event. Further, District Bar Association, Hapur’s governing body has demanded immediate suspension of Satyendra Sisodiya the Circle Officer of that area.


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