Orchids The International School Announces Enrolment for Sports Camps The Sports Camp is scheduled from 31st August to 2nd September


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Sonipat: Orchids The International School is excited to announce the opening of registrations for its highly anticipated Sports Camps at its DPS and NBC campuses in Sonipat from 31st August to 02nd September 2023. This year’s sports camps are set to be even more exceptional as the school collaborates with a renowned Sports Company – DaOne. The collaboration aims to provide dedicated and professional sports training services, enhancing the sports camp experience for students attending the camps at DPS and NBC campuses in Sonipat.

The DPS campus will host the camp for students of Grades 6 – 12 which would be conducted by DaOne. The sports camps shall be open for students of the school and refer the sports camps to their friends as well. The timings are as follows:

Date & Day
01/09/2023- Friday
3:30pm to 6:30pm
02/09/2023- Saturday
3:30pm to 6:30pm
03/09/2023- Sunday
8:30am to 11:30am


The Orchids International School Sports Camps have always been a favorite among parents and students, offering a blend of education, fun, and skill-building activities during the vacation months. This year’s collaboration with DaOne is set to take the sports camp experience to new heights by incorporating specialized sports training sessions led by experts in the field.The Sports Camp would include – Cricket, Football and Swimming.

The sports camps will feature a variety of sports disciplines, catering to a wide range of interests and skill levels. From cricket to football, swimming to athletics, students will have the opportunity to engage in rigorous training sessions that are designed to enhance their skills, promote teamwork, and instill a sense of discipline.

Harsh Gupta, Vice President for Student Welfare, Orchids The International School expressed his excitement for this collaboration “We are thrilled to partner with DaOne Sports Company – an initiative by Mr. Shikhar Dhawan, for our Sonipat Campuses where excellence and growth converge. This collaboration resonates deeply with our commitment to fostering holistic development opportunities for our students. By synergizing top-notch professional sports training with our camps, we aim to not only cultivate the physical prowess of our students but also nurture their mental well-being. This dynamic environment will empower them to fearlessly explore their potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery.”

Sudha Rajmohan, Vice President of Academics, North, Orchids The International School Orchids The International School says “Just as Mary Kom wisely stated, ‘I have a very fit body and have never faced any major injury problems. So yes, the secret to my success is my fit body.’ Physical fitness, as Mary Kom eloquently put it, is akin to fine-tuning an engine—it empowers us to perform at our zenith. At Orchids, we wholeheartedly embraced this philosophy. Our students kickstart their mornings with the ‘Be Fit’ capsule, a testament to our dedication to their physical well-being. This vigor then fuels their engaged and active approach to learning throughout the day.”

DaOne has been instrumental in promoting sports and fostering talent among the youth.

Registrations for the Orchids The International School Sports Camps are now open and can be done through Link. Parents are encouraged to secure a spot for their children at these enriching camps, where education meets sports and character-building.

For more information about the Sports Camps and registration details, please visit Orchids website or contact 8059726020


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