Kärcher India Celebrates 12 Years of Excellence: A Decade-Long Journey of Innovation and Impact


Delhi- Kärcher India, the leading provider of unparalleled experiences and innovative cleaning solutions for more than a decade, has made a significant mark in the dynamic landscape of cleaning solutions in India. As the Indian subsidiary of the renowned German cleaning equipment and solutions provider, Kärcher India started in 2011 and has since grown into a formidable force in the industry. Kärcher India is celebrating its 12 years of success, and this journey has been remarkable. Marking this milestone, Kärcher India organized an international meet and greet at The Lalit, New Delhi, on 1st December with Mr Christian May, Deputy CEO and CSO of Kärcher International gracing the occasion and addressed the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, focusing specifically on women employees. The occasion had various talks, and Q&A sessions, and new products by the management team. The event showcased the various milestones achieved by the iconic company.
The past 12 years have shown Kärcher India’s commitment to innovation and quality which has propelled them to the forefront of the industry, setting new standards for cleaning and hygiene. Their journey in India began with a small team of professionals, and today, they stand strong with a workforce of over 250 dedicated individuals. Kärcher India has 14 branches in places like Ahmedabad, Noida, Mumbai, Goa and more. They own multiple service points throughout India with trained sales and service staff and 80+ dealers and retailers Pan-India.
Kärcher’s focus on customer-specific solutions has been a cornerstone of their success story. They have been pioneers in introducing groundbreaking products like the hot water high-pressure washer, revolutionizing cleaning practices in sectors such as automotive and industry. Kärcher’s diverse range of cleaning solutions extends to hospitality, healthcare, agriculture, and more, ensuring that they cater to the unique needs of Indian customers.
Kärcher India – A Commitment to Health, Hygiene, & Sustainability
Kärcher has embraced a vision of health, hygiene, and sustainability that spans more than 85 years. As a global brand, they have consistently delivered top performance, innovation, and quality. They have been a benchmark in sustainability within the cleaning market.
Their journey towards sustainability has been guided by strategic goals, encompassing responsibility for the environment, product responsibility, supply chain responsibility, company responsibility, corporate social responsibility, and employee responsibility. These goals have been the foundation of their commitment to creating a cleaner, greener world.
As part of its global commitment to sustainability, Kärcher has joined forces with hundreds of other companies by signing the Paris Pledge for Action. This pledge advocates consistent and effective measures against climate change and greenhouse gas emissions, supporting ambitious and equitable global agreements on climate change. They are dedicated to investing in low-emission products, services, technologies, and infrastructures to ensure sustainable growth and combat global warming.
Kärcher India has been supporting Vidya School, emphasizing the company’s dedication to uplifting underprivileged children. Recent initiatives include organizing Martial Arts and Yoga sessions led by Kärcher employees. The event featured presentations by Ms. Ila Sarin, the school’s principal, and Ms. Premlata from Vidya, followed by an interactive activity for the children, a photo opportunity, and the distribution of stationery.
With the overarching goal of promoting environmental sustainability and community engagement, the Kärcher India Clean-Up Day initiative garnered remarkable participation, leading to a significant positive impact on the local environment. As their Social Outreach initiative over the years, Kärcher in collaboration with NGOs like Prayas and VIDYA have organized ‘Thank You Cleaners Day’ which commemorates cleaners for their unwavering dedication towards a clean environment on this day. On this day they also distribute cleaner kits and cards to the cleaners across the nation for rendering countless efforts to keep all premises clean. This year Kärcher’s enthusiastic team in Noida gathered at the park adjacent to the Kärcher Training Centre equipped with masks, gloves, and eco-friendly garbage bags, determined to leave a positive imprint on the environment.
Kärcher’s commitment to keeping India clean


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