CavinKare in association with Freedom Trust To Organize Limb Measurement Camps for Amputees in Haridwar


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

Haridwar – FMCG major CavinKare, in association with Freedom Trust have today announced special camps in the city of Haridwar for amputees as part of its annual, flagship CSR initiative – 9th Edition of Walk India Campaign. This noteworthy campaign includes assessment and measurement camps scheduled to happen end of December 2023. Amputees in the city are invited to register for the assessment camp. Interested beneficiaries are encouraged to contact +91 7992421850 to avail themselves of the necessary support.

The camps will be facilitated by a proficient rehabilitation team comprising prosthetic engineers and doctors. This expert team will assess, measure, and provide personalized fitment assistance to amputees. Qualified prosthetic technicians will take precise measurements for the limbs, fabricate the socket, and distribute the artificial limbs to beneficiaries at no cost. Additionally, a qualified physiotherapist will conduct training sessions to guide amputees on limb care, stump maintenance, and provide exercises for balance and gait improvement.

CavinKare’s commitment to supporting Freedom Trust’s Walk in India campaign dates back to 2017. Over the years, more than 850 artificial limbs have been distributed to amputees in regions including Erode, Kanchipuram, Cuddalore, Krishnagiri, and Assam. As a trailblazer for disabled rights in India, CavinKare has partnered with reputable NGOs to introduce various initiatives and programs, fostering a disabled-friendly society. The ‘Walk India’ campaign represents a concerted effort to bolster support for the disabled community and raise awareness across different regions of the state and country.


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