Naturals Salons Introduces A New Beauty Service Category In The Indian Professional Salon Segment – Medical Beauty Service


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: Today, ahead of the New Year 2024, Naturals Salons announced its latest beauty treatment innovation to reinvent the entire professional salon category in India: Medi-Facial treatment, a beauty service which has been offered only by dermatologists till date, will now be provided by the highly trained stylists across Naturals’ salons. The company entered a strategic collaboration with SkinQ, an active skin & hair solution brand, and launched Medi-Facial, the first Made Safe Certified Active facial kits that have been specifically formulated for Indian skin types after extensive research, clinical testing and factoring in the diversity of local climatic conditions in the country.

Naturals Salon has the pioneering professional salon heritage in the industry as it introduced the concept of professional salon category more than 2 decades ago – creating what it is now a Rs. 100 billion. Today, after 23 years, the company once again reveals its beauty salon leadership by not only elevating beauty to medical beauty but transforming the image of beauty stylists to aestheticians, by providing highest levels of training and skilling. Spearheaded by celebrity dermatologist Dr.Chytra Anand, SkinQ is India’s first Made Safe Certified, Dermatologist-formulated, active skin & hair solutions brand which is renowned for its commitment to skin, health and innovation.

Commenting on this, Ms. Veena Kumaravel, Founder, Naturals Salons said, “At Naturals, our mission has always been super-serving customers with their beauty needs, and our deep experience and leadership in the professional salon industry has allowed us to completely revisit and reinvent the beauty treatment experience at our 740 salons. Today’s historic announcement will allow our salons to offer innovative and clinically validated Medi-facials, which are performed using the specialised SkinQ Active facial kits. Combining the unique leadership of inventing certified Medi-Facial kits for Indian skin types by SkinQ with Naturals’ heritage of providing highly skilled beauty services, we hope our salons will serve as an even more helpful, one-stop destination for a range of beauty as well as aesthetic services that will fulfil the beauty aspirations of our valued customers. I also congratulate all our stylists for going through a positive transformation – from being a stylist to an aesthetician.”

Speaking about the collaboration, Dr Chytra Anand, Founder, SkinQ, said, “We are more than excited to introduce this innovative concept of medi-facials and partner with Naturals Salons, a perfect platform having a wide network of salons across the length and breadth of the country. Our Beauty 2.0 mission aims to elevate beauty to medical beauty, and we are sure to empower beauty professionals with the knowledge and tools to offer more than just traditional beauty treatments – a holistic, skin-first experience.”

Adding to this, Mr. CK Kumaravel, Co-Founder and CEO, Naturals Salons said, “I congratulate the team at Naturals Salons and SkinQ for this historic collaboration, and this is a tremendous opportunity for everyone involved to be part of building the ultimate transformation in the Indian professional salon segment that creates positive change for customers, franchises, stylists and the industry as a whole. I see it as the perfect amalgamation of nurturing touch of medical beauty treatments with the precision of our beauty experts, and the effectiveness of SkinQ’s medical-grade beauty formulations.”

As a part of the initiative, SkinQ will provide comprehensive training to the stylists (to-be aestheticians) of Natural Salons. The training will focus on enhancing the aesthetician’s knowledge by providing them in-depth knowledge of the various Indian skin types, the common concerns, and effective methods that enable precise identification of the skin condition. There is also the provision of hands-on practical training and extensive product knowledge sharing to ensure the highest quality of service is offered to every customer.

This collaboration aims to go beyond the scope of a business partnership to become a joint effort towards transforming the beauty sector in India. The clinically proven products from SkinQ and the expertise of Natural Salons’ aestheticians will bring about advanced skin care solutions that are safe, unique, and effective. It is time to upgrade the standards to Medical Beauty with Medi-facials.


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