DreamFolks Unveils DreamFolks Membership Club, Making Premium Travel & Lifestyle Experiences Accessible to All


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: DreamFolks, India’s leading airport services aggregator, today announced the launch of its exclusive membership program – The DreamFolks Club. The DreamFolks Club offers a range of membership packages, strategically designed to cater to diverse travel and lifestyle needs and aspirations. From someone seeking enhanced comfort and convenience, to those yearning for a truly luxurious travel experience, the DreamFolks Club has something for everyone.

“At DreamFolks, we have always strived to pave the way for premium airport experiences to become accessible to wider groups of travellers. Today, it brings me immense pride to unveil our DreamFolks Club membership packages which mark a defining moment in this journey. We have bundled our world-class services into exclusive memberships targeted at luxury comfort for all budget ranges. From complimentary global lounge access to airport services, beauty & grooming, healthcare, floral gifting, travel visa, golf and more – these packages unlock unique travel and lifestyle benefits in a way never seen before. As India’s leading airport experience disruptors, we are now extending premium travel and lifestyle services to a wider range of customers. I see the DreamFolks Club as integral to manifesting our founding belief – Making premium travel and lifestyle experiences accessible to everyone.” said Liberatha Kallat, CMD of DreamFolks.

The DreamFolks Club offers four card variants, starting with the Aspire package which provides a gateway to premium travel with complimentary airport lounge access in India, perfect for frequent travellers seeking comfort and convenience. For a wider range of services, the Premium package unlocks global airport lounges, discounted lounge purchases, and exclusive deals on various travel and lifestyle services. Stepping up the luxury, the Select package offers complimentary services like beauty & grooming, floral gifting, and healthcare in addition to airport and railway lounges. The Elite package delivers the ultimate in luxury with global airport lounge access, golf courses, and a world of premium lifestyle services.

“Through our innovative DreamFolks Corporate Membership program, we’re excited to offer a powerful tool for businesses to elevate their relationships with key stakeholders. These curated travel and lifestyle experience bundles provide an effortless solution for companies to incentivize, reward, and attract employees, customers, and channel partners, thus enhancing customer retention and loyalty. It also elevates your brand’s perception as a premium one, enabling companies to drive brand preference.

Whether your goal is driving sales, or establishing product differentiation, DreamFolks Corporate Memberships offers customized solutions to strengthen brand, channel partner, and employee’s loyalty. The memberships can also be used as powerful Rewards and Recognition incentives, while also enhancing employee engagement. We’re thrilled to empower businesses to foster meaningful connections and achieve their goals through unforgettable travel and lifestyle experiences.” said Sandeep Sonawane, Chief Business Officer, DreamFolks.

The launch of the DreamFolks Club signifies a groundbreaking shift in the travel landscape, democratising access to a world of premium services and experiences. With its diverse range of packages and enterprise-friendly solutions, the DreamFolks Club is poised to revolutionise the way people travel, ensuring that comfort, convenience, and luxury are no longer exclusive privileges, but accessible to all.


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