MEWA India: India’s First B2B Exhibition for Nuts and Dry Fruits Unveiled by NDFCI



~200+ exhibitors from more than 20 countries like the USA, Australia, UAE, Chile, Iran, Oman, Argentina & Afghanistan

~The consumption of dry fruits witnessed a remarkable 20% increase in 2023, marking the highest surge in five years.

~Exhibitors get a chance to be part of knowledge sessions and panels which aim to discuss the way forward for the dry fruit and nuts industry trade including exotic nuts, berries and dry fruits.

New Delhi : MEWA 2024 a first of its kind exposition in India is hosting a two-day trade meet, on upcoming 16th & 17th February, under the aegis of India’s newly formed Nuts & Dryfruit Council of India – the event will have the largest ever representation from Nuts & Dryfruit Trade of India. The two-day event will show case the potential of most vibrant, highly diversified and world’s fastest growing Nut & Dryfruits market. The huge participative confirmation from delegates, representing who’s who of the International Trade to meet and interact with Indian Buyers, Sellers, Industry Leaders, speaks of India’s growing place of honor in international trade of Nuts & Dryfruits.

In the past, all such events have been held in the internationally popular destinations with relatively small participation by Indians. In line with our PMs vision of make in India and purpose of supporting and expanding India’s infrastructure of food processing. In coming years this will bring nuts & dryfruit industry into Indian shores, and will give opportunity to showcase the evolving Indian market.

MEWA 2024 initiated by NDFCI strives and aims to bring all of India’s Nut & Dryfruit Trade, much of which still remains unorganized, under one umbrella, to have one voice, to leverage collective strength of its members for harnessing the full potential of India’s fast-growing market for the benefit of all.

Gunjan Jain president of NDFCI spoke with palpable excitement about higher growth prospects in the coming years and foresees India’s market burgeoning to almost Rupees. One Lac Crores in next five years from current level of about Rupees Fifty-Six Thousand Crores. India ranks amongst the largest importer & consumer of cashews, dates, peanuts and almonds, with raisins, dried figs, walnuts following closely. The consumption of dry fruits witnessed a remarkable 20% increase in 2023, marking the highest surge in past five years. This notable uptake is attributed to heightened health consciousness among consumers post-pandemic.

Speaking during the press conference, Sameer Bhanushali, Chairperson of MEWA 2024, said, “As a passionate proponent of India First, India Foremost, MEWA India 2024 is not just a trade show; it is a celebration of innovation, collaboration, and the remarkable potential within the nuts and dry fruits industry. The event, slated for two impactful days, offers a golden opportunity to connect with industry leaders, buyers, sellers, and international delegates, showcasing the dynamic landscape of the Indian nuts industry.“

Further, the governing body of NDFCI collectively shared a common perspective for MEWA 2024. All were unanimous that is not just a ‘Trade Show’ but is a celebration of innovation, collaborative effort and aims to unleash the remarkable potential within the Nuts & Dryfruit Trade & Industry. We, said the members, invite all stakeholders to join us in this transformative experience, where ideas flourish, partnerships blossom, and the future of the industry takes center stage. MEWA 2024 India will provide participants with the chance to gain valuable insights from engaging panel discussions, enlightening fireside chats, and informative product-led seminars. The trade show also offers a networking platform to connect with service providers and exporters, fostering meaningful connections within the industry.

MEWA 2024, India – Some Highlights.

MEWA 2024, India’s foremost B2B exhibition for nuts and dried fruits, will feature participants from over 20 countries. With 200+ exhibitors and 3000+ participants, this event promises to elevate the industry by fostering advancements in research, innovation, production, trade, and consumption. Positioned as a global platform, MEWA 2024 is poised to redefine standards and drive collaborative growth in the nuts and dried fruits sector.

About NDFCI – The Parent Organization behind MEWA 2024.

NDFCI proudly stands as the unified voice for everyone in the Nuts, Dry Fruits, Seeds, Raisins, Berries and Dates Industry in India. Our mission is to be the driving force that uplifts and empowers every facet of this vibrant sector. – from growers to processors to distributors, NDFCI is dedicated to fostering unity and collaboration.

We invite you to be part of our collective journey, putting in concerted effort not only to elevate the Trade & Industry but also to celebrate the richness and diversity Nuts, Dryfruits & Seeds impart to the culinary delights savored by all, transcending all barriers of geography, culture, and societies. Let’s collectively thrive, innovate, and shape the future of this vibrant, dynamic and health focused Trade & Industry,


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