Storyteller Aditi Gupta debuts as author with ‘Mom says you need to be strong!’


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New Delhi: Gurugram-based Writer and Storyteller Aditi Gupta on Saturday unveiled her maiden book as an author, ‘Mom Says You Need To Be Strong!’ Unveiled by renowned actor-storyteller Sudhanshu Rai, it is a collection of short stories depicting family life: the struggles, the losses, the dreams, the hopes, and the love. The book launch event, held in Gurugram, marked the attendance of scores of book lovers, along with other eminent dignitaries, including Medharbour Multi-Speciality Hospital Founder-CEO & Aditi’s husband Nishant Gupta. With each story in the book essayed by a female protagonist, the book focuses upon various issues faced by women, who often emerge stronger from every situation, as that is the only way forward.

Referring to her debut as an author, Aditi Gupta said, “The idea first came to me two years ago and I shared it with my husband, who encouraged me to go ahead with the idea. I poured my heart in the drafts, worked through it diligently and I am glad that I’ve been able to express my thoughts for readers. It is a blend of fiction and reality as the characters are fictional but the incidents happening in the story are very much real, and will surely touch the hearts of the readers. I would like to thank my publisher Notion Press for their trust in me.”

The book is a compilation of 15 short stories that showcase different aspects of a woman’s life. These are in the form of diaries, except for one, which is a journal of a grandmother, being read by the grandson. Some of the chapters move around different themes related to eve-teasing, infidelity, single moms, hitting puberty, postpartum depression, dealing with abusive relationships, young love, dealing with a creep at your office, learning to wear the daughter-in-law’s hat, a victim of child marriage, the struggles of breastfeeding, dealing with loss and how important it is to hold your family together.

Actor-storyteller Sudhanshu Rai, who unveiled the book and also read out an excerpt for the audience, said, “From what I have read till now, the emotions showcased through the characters and stories are raw, real and relatable. Just the very idea of conveying them through diary entries is very impressive. In fact, I feel men should read this book as much as women, as it would make us aware of the deep emotions every woman has. I look forward to reading the full book and offer my best wishes to Aditi.”

This 250-page book, penned meticulously by Aditi Gupta is up for grabs in both paperback and digital editions across Amazon India, UK and worldwide, Flipkart, Google Play, iBooks and kobo.


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