Celebrating Courage and Legacy: Dr. Monica B. Sood Brings Back ‘Till God Wakes’ to World Book Fair 2024


@ Vikash Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi:In a poignant tribute to her late father, esteemed author Paramjit Kumar, Dr. Monica B. Sood unveils the timeless masterpiece “Till God Wakes” at the World Book Fair 2024 in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Through the collaboration with White Falcon Publishing, Dr. Sood brings back to life the gripping narrative of the Sino-Indian War in NEFA, captivating readers with tales of bravery and sacrifice.
The event commenced with a solemn minute of silence, honouring the memory of Pramajit Kumar, an Indian luminary known for his contributions as an author, philosopher, and economist. “Till God Wakes” serves as a testament to his legacy, offering readers a glimpse into the tumultuous landscape of war and the indomitable spirit of Indian heroes.
Dr. Monica B. Sood, reflecting on her father’s profound influence, shared, “Paramjit Kumar was more than just my father; he was my unconditional mentor. His legacy of courage and empathy lives on through his remarkable work.” She emphasized his fervent desire for Indian youth to appreciate the valor displayed during the Sino-Indian War, a sentiment echoed by attendees.
A highlight of the event was the screening of archival footage from 1985, featuring Paramjit Ji’s impassioned advocacy for patriotism and world peace. Angel Dsouza, Paramjit Ji’s elder granddaughter, lauded the multifaceted narrative of “Till God Wakes,” inviting readers to embark on an emotional journey through its pages.
The author’s meeting culminated in a book signing program, where Dr. Sood engaged with readers, imparting wisdom and inspiration to young attendees. Her empowering words resonated with all present, reinforcing the enduring significance of literature in shaping minds and hearts.
“Till God Wakes” stands as a beacon of courage and legacy, inviting readers to immerse themselves in a narrative that transcends time and borders.


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