Ghaziabad: 14 Gamblers arrested in Vijay Nagar


@Sudama Pal | Sr Sub Editor

Ghaziabad :The Vijay Nagar Police have arrested 14 persons allegedly gambling on Monday. The police have recovered 16,896 rupees cash, 15 mobile phones, pen, gambling slips, banners, diaries etc, the police said.

“The arrested are identified as Jahid alias Chhalawa, Amir, Sonu, Abdul Vaseem, Shahid, Safi, Sajid, Anis, Sajid son of Shaheed, Mahtab, Jahangir, Saleem and Vikas. All if them are the residents of Vijay nagar area. The gambling leader is Jahid alias Chhalava, resident of Kaila Khera, Vijay Nagar. The police are trying to crack the gambling network, said Shlok Kumar, the SP City.


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