National Physical Laboratory of India certifies Evergen’s Clean Air technology


@Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: Evergen a multi award winning clean-tech company today announced that its Clean Air Technology has been certified for its efficiency by the National Physical Laboratory of India (NPLI) is the Apex Standards Institute of India and a Premier Research Laboratory in the field of Physical Sciences. This announcement makes Evergen; the first company to get its air purifying technology fully validated in India.

A rigorous independent monitoring was conducted in October by the scientists of NPLI’s Gas Metrology Section of the outdoor CleanAirZone pilot installed at Gurudwara Rakabganj Sahib, opposite Parliament House, New Delhi. Originally installed at the end of May, as a demonstration of Evergen’s innovative technology, the CleanAirZone has attracted countless visitor including dignitaries, press, public and students. NPLI’s evaluation reports that Evergen’s clean air technology is capable of significantly improving ambient air quality in an outdoor setting.

A team of scientists led by Dr. Shankar Agarwal, chief scientist at the NPL used the Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (APS) to measure the particle concentration in real time. Different particle sizes and numbers were measured at three different positions with respect to the CleanAirZone. The collection efficiency results from APS of PM1 and PM2.5 reports the efficiency of the CleanAirZone to be more than 90%. This is seen as hugely significant result in an outdoor setting.

Mr. Sukhbir Sidhu, Founder & CEO Evergen Systems Ltd, “We are extremely excited with the test results performed by the NPLI. This is the first time any air cleaning technology has been tested and validated by such an eminent organisation in India —- now we are ready to launch our range of Pure Air product.”

“The collection results from aerodynamics particle size of PM1 and PM2.5 reports the efficiency of
the ‘CleanAirZone’ technology to be more than 90%”, said Chief Secretary at the National Physical laboratory, Shankar Agarwal who certified it, said.

Commenting at the announcement Mr. GBS Sodhi, Director & Country Head, Evergen India said, “It’s impossible to clean all the polluted air, it covers the Po Valley of Northern Italy, China and Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent with a toxic haze that can be seen from space. The first step, that we take here today, is to protect people where they live and breathe. We, at Evergen take this as our responsibility to provide clean breathable air to our fellow countrymen and generations to come.”


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