@Amit Poswal I Sr Correspondent

Noida: Proha-Manasija Odissi Production Group organized a program at Indira Gandhi Kala Kendra located in Sector 6 here in Noida. Forty children from 5 to 15 years made a grand presentation in traditional Odissi dance. The program started in 6:30 and lasted for 90 minutes. A large number of dance aesthete witnessed this grand show. The most unique thing was that all the presentations revolved around the vlaues of the game. The program was free for everyone. The prominent Odissi dance Shirtsons, Shree Alaknanda, Jyoti Shrivastav, Swagat Sen Pillai and Pandit Ashish Sengupta were present in the program. Proha, which literally means ‘Ankur’, is from traditional ethics and values. Manjija has created a curiosity about classical dance among all her students in her 5 years journey and today the students are able to perform well due to that hard work. Describing the program, Manisija’s Arunima Ghosh said that today we are very happy that our students performed so well in front of everyone. It is very pleasant to see children’s attitude towards classical dance because this is the unique civilization of our country.


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