DLF Inaugurates Smart Parking system at MLCP in Sector 18 Noida


@Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Noida: DLF unveils the fully operational smart parking in Noida sector 18 today. Lack of parking space has been a constant concern in this
area of Noida; DLF has been working closely with the Noida authorities to combat the situation. Partially operational for the last one year, the facility can now accommodate 2800 cars across 8 floors and around 1000 in the surface
parking lot.
Visitors can use the parking from 8am to midnight every day. The parking facility has two basements, one ground floor and five floors above it. The
smart parking facility offers multiple amenities such as:
 Magnetic-cum-IR sensors for indoor parking
 Installation of CCTV based surveillance system, including online data
transfer on demand, and CCTV footage to central control room
for parking lots.
 Necessary hardware and software for parking management and
guidance system for indoor parking system.
 4 entries & 8 exit booths for the swift movement of the vehicles.
LED signages (in English language and numerals) to guide to public
regarding availability of parking spaces and other necessary
information, at locations adjacent to each parking lot.
 Maintenance of Central Control Centre including Data Centre with appropriate hardware and software for monitoring and managing of
Smart Parking, and viewing, analysing, storing and retrieval of the CCTV feed
 Recognition of each parking slot (ECS) with LED Indicators for indoor
parking displaying the availability of parking slots
 Up gradation of parking guidance & management infrastructure
 Mobile App to be launched soon for parking services
 ANPR cameras.

Pushpa Bector, EVP and Head, DLF Shopping Malls, said, “DLF is always working
towards community betterment and convenience for the general public. With the completion of this new facility we are encouraging better traffic
management for Noida commuters and residents. We have put in our best endeavours to bring world class smart parking amenities and to ensure last mile connectivity to our customers


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