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Meerut: An NGO “We One Foundation” organised a public awareness programme on cleanness in a small village; Kheri Kalan which falls under Meerut district in Uttar Pradesh.

The We One Foundation organised a ‘Safai Par Charcha’ (discussion on cleanliness) programme for making people of the village aware of the importance of cleanliness. In the programme people turned up in large number.

The women and children of the village participated in the discussion with energy, in which they were informed of the diseases caused due to lack of cleanliness.

Varsha Singh, a teacher at the school run by the foundation here, briefed the women gathered there about different aspects and importance of cleanliness, especially as they are the home-makers and also look after the children and the family practically.

Jai Ram, founder of NGO; “We One Foundation” said, the foundation plans on organise such events in future on a regular basis for creating public awareness on various issues of public interests so that people can ensure cleanliness is in community and proper hygiene is also maintained in the community. Cleanliness is one of a major areas of public concern which is in the interests of our nation today.

Bhagwan Das, a volunteer of the foundation, besides Kheri Kalan residents Gaurav Kumar, Amanpal Singh, Rohit Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Adarsh Kumar, also participated in this awareness programme. All the participants actively participated in this awareness programmeme and also taken an oath for conducting regular cleanliness drive in the village on a frequent intervals.


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