Sher Singh Rana Announced His New Political Party for Contest Up Coming General Election

File Photo of Shemsher singh Rana

@ Sudama Pal | Sr Sub Editor

Ghaziabad: The Rajpoot leader and accused of Phoolan Devi murder case, Sher Singh Rana has announced his new political party as Rashtravadi Party on Sunday here Kavi nagar Ramlila Maidan, Ghaziabad. He said his party will contest in up coming Lok Sabha election in western UP.

Addressing his thousands if supporters, he said Rajpoot and Muslim Rajpoots will be his party candidate and his banner of party will be kesariya and dark green , the symbol of Nationalism. Rana said, that Maharana Pratap Singh is our ideal and all of us will follow.

Rana’s mother was also with him and she said all the family is standing in his support and to fullfil his mission. However only Rajpoots were there in his public meeting. The locals said, it is temporary zeal in his supporters, The way to entry in politics is no so easy as he is taking, said one of his so-called supporter.


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