Moradabad: Police and Civilians Face to Face, 1 Injured


@ Diamond Yadav | Correspondent

Moradabad: People of Agvanpur and police administration come face to face under the Civil Lines Police Station area due to construction of Government Toilet.
In the morning nagar nigam team reached at Agvanpur village for construction of Government Toilet but as soon as labours stared construction work meanwhile resident of Agvanpur came and started interference of Government work. Nagar Nigam officer immediately informed Civil line police station to deal with the crowd but Seeing the police force, the people  started stone pelting in which a police personal got injured.
As per Circle Police officer of Police station Civil line, ” The people of Agvanpur were not ready for construction of Government toilets we tried to make them understand but they started stone pelting in which a home guard got injured.”


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