@ Afaq Khan ‘Sameer’ | Correspondent

New Delhi: Treatment of childhood cancer is very complex and may have devastating effects on physical, emotional, psycho-social and educational health of parents and child. Therefore, the treatment is not just focused on medical issues; it includes holistic approach covering all these aspects. The “Winter Carnival” is an attempt to meet these goals. It aims to bring together a large number of children who have successfully completed their treatment and overcome their disease and have come out victorious as well as those presently on their treatments.

The daylong event was organised at ‘Ashray’ RGCIRC Guest house, Sector– 5, Rohini, Delhi, which had a carnival ambience with stalls manned by childhood cancer survivors and Art & craft activities were lined up along with mind stimulating games.

The dual theme of the event was Awareness and Wellness. Awareness about childhood cancer relates to it being highly curable with early diagnosis and proper treatment. While Wellness messages are directed at remaining healthy after childhood cancer. Hence the program was aim to create awareness towards healthy lifestyle and habits. Apart from the celebrations, success stories were also shared to instill confidence in those undergoing therapy and their families.

Winter Carnival “Celebrating Life” was an effort by RGCIRC led by Dr. Gauri Kapoor, Director Pediatric Hematology & Oncology and Medical Director RGCIRC, Niti Bagh to celebrate the festival season with Children undergoing Cancer treatment (The Fighters) and Childhood Cancer Survivors. “Throughout the carnival, we tried creating joyful moments for the children to make them feel happy and motivated by participating in various activities such as Art and Craft, Karaoke Singing, poster exhibition amongst others”, said Dr Gauri Kapoor.

“Besides curing cancer, we have been sincerely working towards educating, creating awareness, providing healthy & good environment as well as sharing positivity so as to help cancer patients fight the disease with a positive spirit from within. With such activities, childhood cancer patients and their families getopportunities to mingle with and enjoy moments with childhood cancer survivors and get inspired”, added Dr Kapoor.


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