“Ginger Hues Dripping Honey” A Book By Sameer Goel


@ Naresh Rajput I Sr correspondent

New Delhi: “Ginger Hues Dripping Honey”. Yes, doesn’t life show us different shades, testing us at times. Some experiences, sweet or bitter, and a ray of hope, our aspirations, we all carry. Yes, this is the title of a book written by Mr. Sameer Goel, a prominent Educationist, a Human Rights Activist and a Journalist, who has seen life up close. This book is a gist of his experiences and hopes.
Written in a simple style, it is one book that connects straightaway with the readers. In his words:

lt’s life that brings different shades to our lives. sometimes this walk is smooth, at times it’s rough. amidst these ups and downs we build castles of hopes to scale heights.

this book is a short note on experiences of life which may be sweet as honey or dark as night. still a ray of hope keeps us moving, a belief that every cloud has a silver lining fills in with enthusiasm and vigour to reach pinnacle.

a small attempt, telling in the form of small quotes, epigrams forming twelve series having twelve parts each and friends, this is what we call life.

“solemn needs, sequestered hopes enlightened path, many a blocks i tread along as a lonely traveller my Lord my Savior, heals my scars.”

To sum it up, some words about him: a seasoned teacher and a writer, whose words are his life. he is an english trainer who also conducts workshops in various colleges. he believes in simplifying education for a better understanding. he has developed special techniques to impart quality education. apart from this he’s a counselor and a psychic healer as well. his never say die attitude is quite handy when it comes to managing his hectic schedule.
he has a very positive outlook towards life and his immense faith in God always strengthens his life.
a go getter, a perfectionist to the core, being his biggest critic enables him to be more and more creative in his writings.
he writes under his pen name ‘iammusaafiir’ and has been an active participant in anthologies like
Ishq-e-watan, Clipped Wings Grow, Letter To Self, Anthology of Autumn, Ala Rasi, Unheard Words of  Soul, Miseries Of The World, Clipped Wings Glow and many more to be released soon.

he is a prominent human rights activist too, holding a prominent position as Educational Director, Delhi NCR, at World Aid Organization for Human Rights. apart from this, he is a journalist too, whose articles on education and health are well appreciated.

above all this he is a son, a husband and a father whose life revolves around his family.


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