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New Delhi: Uprise India Foundation, which is the inimitable Women Entrepreneur Initiative, organized 3rd edition of business women conference 2019. It is all set to foray its global footprint and also invited representatives from Asia Pacific countries to join hands together with the initiative. Many budding entrepreneurs were gathered and consulted the thought leaders about their doubts in business.
The Chief Guest, Nishtha Dudeja, Miss Deaf Asia 2018, has invigorated the audience through her inspirational journey. Thought leaders present at the conference were Mr. Akash Shukla, Founder, Uprise India Foundation, Mr. Vikram Shankar, Co-Founder Uprise India Foundation, Dr. Sharad Kohli, Founder & Chairman, KCC Group, Ms. Neha Agrawal, CEO, MensenTock Communications and Ms. Kavita K Bhaskaran, Communications & Brand Specialist.
The experts in the panel enlighten the audience with different aspects of business through facts and figures while speaking on the topic of Personal Branding, Crisis Management and Financial Literacy.
During the occasion, Akash Shukla, Founder, Uprise India Foundation said, “I am really thankful to Mr. Sharad Kohli, Mr. Vikram Shankar other thought leaders who has joined us to take this initiative to another level. In today’s time, we are missing the mind-set of seeking out new knowledge and challenges and most importantly we are missing long term development plans.
The Chief Guest Nishtha Dudeja Miss Deaf Asia 2018 said “ Uprise India Foundation, provided the platform for women who are trying to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Women who will enrol with the program would be getting 360 business training, support & guidance for making their dream career successful. Any women can enrol irrespective of any business/profile, any women who own start-up, SME’S or two individual professionals. ” “I am honoured to speak at such a gathering. We women are in the habit of underestimating ourselves and we need to realize that if we set our mind to it, then nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. I have fought through many obstacles but with the support of my family, I have conquered all these obstacles to realise my dream. I believe that we all are special and unique in our own ways and we are our own biggest strengths. I want to congratulate Uprise India for helping young women entrepreneurs with their initiative. It aims at raising the importance of women equality in society and works as a catalyst to the budding women entrepreneurs in making them self independent.”
In support of the initiative, Mr. Vikram Shankar, Co-Founder Uprise India Foundation said, “I am honoured to be the part of Uprise India and really grateful to Mr. Akash Shukla who has given me this opportunity of making a difference in the society. Uprise India Foundation, is getting into minor details of implementations to provide relevant education and consultation at all stages of the business. Uprise India Foundation is a unique entrepreneurial platform, which will definitely help women to make their diverse identity in the world.”
Mr. Sharad Kohli, Founder & Chairman, KCC Group said, “I am really happy with the concept of Uprise India Foundation brought by Mr. Akash Shukla. The budding entrepreneurs should have the basic knowledge of finance to get the right type of investment from right place. These days, an individual seek better returns on their money but lack in understanding of finance aspects. Uprise India Foundation, has given the platform to overcome these barriers.”
Other inspirational speakers were Ms. Diksha Chhabra, Mrs. India Earth 2017 and Founder of Let’s lift with Diksha-Diksha Chhabra fitness consultation, Ms. Meagan Ollari, Founder, Ollari Fashions, Ms. Amrita Kar, Poori Shadi Ki Kahaniya, Ms. Neha Kala, Founder,The Red Velvet Column, Ms. Arshia Sethi, Operations Head, SGI Group, Ms. Purnima Bahuguna, Founder & Director Triaanya’s Healthmantra, RJ Jassi, Radio Host – 92.7 Big FM and Ms. Renu Kaul, Vitas Publishing.


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