Newsbeen app remotely launched by Union Minister Mukhtar Abaas Naqvi to provide vicinity centric news


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

New Delhi: Being informed about the daily national and international news is very much a necessity but how wonderful would it be if we got to know about every happening in our immediate vicinity? With the aim of providing such a benefit, Newsbeen, a one of a kind mobile news application,was remotely launched on Friday by Cabinet Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi at the Constitutional club of India in Delhi.

Union Minority Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who remotely launched the app said, “This is a fantastic app. Its brilliant to see such innovations coming up to promote a digital India and adequately inform the citizens of this country.”

For the first time in history, users will be offered geo-centric news as the GPS enabled app will track the location of the reader/viewer and make news of their respective vicinity available to them.

Newsbeen is an all-rounder as it will webcast and print news of all categories including business, tech, entertainment, politics sports and many more. The app has a grassroot to global reach and has marked its presence on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Editor in cheif and spokesperson of Newsbeen, Syedain Zaidi, said, ” Newsbeen has a tremendous potential of reaching to the masses with objective and credible reporting, affecting their daily lives.”

Newsbeen will be available in Android, iOS and web platforms and the news will be provided by as many as 500 stringers/reporters who will be strategically placed all over the respective city to provide you each and every happening in your nearby areas.

A three tier system will also verify the news posted by the reporters so that no communal, vulgar, abusive or fake news get posted.

The app was founded as a place to find ‘Small-News’ of your vicinity or interest against the so-called ‘Big-News’ presented by TV.

Newsbeen, India CEO, John Rizvi, said, “Future news will be viewer centric and will travel with the viewer. The viewer is no longer hyper hungry to know what is happening thousands of kilometers away from his home but is increasingly more interested in his neighborhood and would rather spend his valuable time on knowing the well being and situations within his or her own vicinity or location.”


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