Bulandshahr Police Announced ₹ 1 Lakh Reward for Rape and Kidnapping Accused


@ Arun Yadav | Correspondent

Bulandshahr: Bulandshahr police announced a reward of Rs one lakh for furnishing information related with the case of rape which was occurred few days back after kidnapping the girl.

After making all attempts unsuccesful, the hands of police is still empty on the kidnapping and rape of the girl and the accused are out of police reach.
Even the police have no clue of criminals who committed the crime in Bulandshahr kidnapping and rape of a girl. The local police has announced a reward of Rs one lakh to ascertain the arrests of the the criminals who committed this crime.

The case of kidnapping and rape of a girl is a few days ago when the girl was coming with her family after attending a wedding on the night on way some people abducted her and taken away and was alleged to be raped. On the next day the girl was found and was in bad condition in the school in Bulandshahar .

Bulandshahr police believes that any clue that will lead to arrests the accused shall be rewarded of Rs one lakh in respect of kidnapping and raping of the girl.


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