MX Player organizes street plays to showcase all election offerings on their platform!


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MX Player, the world’s largest local video player and India’s leading streaming platform has begun streaming its latest offering, #ElectionsOnMX, offering a plethora of content on the world’s largest democratic exercise – The 2019 Indian General Elections.

But their promise of offering ‘everytainment’ doesn’t stop there! Adding a dose of entertainment to the heat and dust of the polls, the platform wowed the citizens of Delhi through an entertaining, educative and captivating theatrical! Organized at Sarojini Market, on the 22nd of April, the city saw a group of talented theatre artistes perform a short street play, talking about all the election offerings and shows showcased on the platform.

Apart from Delhi, similar acts are being presented in key cities such as Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bhopal & Lucknow.

The Elections campaign by the platform offers 3 main segments across genres and formats including live debates, live streaming of current events and light hearted comic features.


Here are the highlights of all the election related content that you can watch daily on MX Player, for Free!

Comedy In Elections with “Kiski Sarkar” streaming every Monday to Friday at 7pm, starting April 15

This is a satirical series with a comic view on political news, hosted by India’s most loved stand up artistes – Anirban Dasgupta, Saurab Mehta, Prashasti Singh, Rahul Subramanian, Kumar Varun, Rahul Dua and Nishant Suri. The show laces the hard truth in tongue and cheek humor with 5 segments and a total of 30 episodes that spans 6 weeks.

  • Everyone loves to make promises; how many actually uphold them? Prashasti Singh holds the scorecard of all that was promised – the good, bad and the ugly and will call out politicians on the statements they make, the false hopes they raise on her segment called “Baat Cheat”

  • Tired of the pie charts, numbers that don’t add up and news drowned by screaming anchors? Watch “Mythron” hosted by Anirban that is trivia heavy with insights and debunks election myths – but, all in a comic manner.

  • It takes effort to be a politician! You’ve got to be suave, smart on your feet, a smooth talker, don many hats at once and ace our General Elections Entrance Test (GEET). And where can you find a better tutor than the hilarious Saurav Mehta? Watch him lead the segment “GEET Coaching Classes” which comprises a mock coaching class, attended by prospective politicians.

  • Some lies, some facts – but the inside truth is that every vote matters. Watch the charming duo Rahul Dua and Nishant Suri indulge in a satirical discussion on all things politics in their segment“Mere Ek Vote Se Kya Hoga”

  • You can watch films in 2D and 3D but with the segment “Peg Pe Charcha” – Kumar Varun and Rahul Subramanian bring you elections in a whole new 4D experience – Discuss, Debate, and Dissect over Drinks different aspects of the elections with these two mad hatters!

Watch the promo here:


Live Debate On Elections with “Sawaal Vote Ka” streams every day at 7.30pm

You will find multiple debates raging in the primetime, but we bring you Sawaal Vote Ka – a first of its kind, “live debate” format that pits the common man against the local representative of different political parties in their constituency. Never before has the local public been presented with an opportunity to ask hard hitting questions and demand instant answers. This unique 30-minute live multiparty debate covers 45 different constituencies across various Hindi Speaking Markets with a new constituency being telecast each day. It encapsulates the basic truth of politics – that all politics is local. Unemployment, poverty, scams, corruption – the show covers specific local as well as national issues with candidates from various parties battling it out to win the vote of the community.

Watch the promo here:


Live News On Election, streaming 24×7

On MX Player, you will always be spoilt for choice. This election season, we bring you 76 news channels that you can stream live in either Hindi, English or a regional language of your choice. Our wide range of local channels will provide our diverse audience the most in-depth coverage of their area and issues that matter to them. The platform hosts leading networks such as AajTak, India TV, Times Now, Mirror Now, ET Now, DD News, Tez, News Nation, RSTV, Loksabha TV and Raj News amongst others – keeping you abreast with the latest news and updates while on the go anytime, anywhere.


Dekho Apne Mann Ki,

Duniya ki Sabse Badi Nautanki,

Only on MX player!


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