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New Delhi: Cleanliness is essential for Positive Life. Keeping this in mind, this year Ram Janki Institute, New Delhi held meetings in Assam, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi in three states. On June 2, Deendayal-Rashmdial organized the meetings of Ghaziabad on 4th June and Guwahati on June 4 and on June 5, Rikhabchand Jain held World Environment Day meetings in Delhi.

TT Limited Chairman Rikhabchand Jain, the organizer of RJS’s 70th Positive Meeting in Karol Bagh Delhi on June 5, on World Environment Day, told Media that smoking, gutkha and non-vegetarians in their campus throughout the country are prohibited and plenty of greenery T.T. Limited campus is mostly fruitful in small orchards.

In the meeting, the taste of lemon juice and vinegar juice prepared from the trees of Karolbagh campus was giving relief to the media workers.

Prior to the meeting, at the Karol Bagh campus, mango, pomegranate, lemon, bell,

Mr. Jain told that with the simple life and high thinking it is possible to protect the environment. Being the founding president of the National Voter Organization, he talked about the issue going to the voters.
If people do not do the right thing, the campaign for Right to Recall is also running. Attempts at school level to promote Civic Sense in the country are important.
Expressing concern over mounting pollution, Mr. Jain said that the litter of growing litter in the colonies can be protected by simple life and high thinking to an extent the environment can be protected. Whereas developed countries should make financial provision for the treatment of pollution. E-waste still remains a challenge.

The textile industry is extremely safe for the environment, but pollution is in the dyeing-bleaching. That’s why the government is an approved plant, clothes are used for dyeing-washing.

In the textile industry, many types of chemical materials are used in making polyester fiber such as chemical and manmade fiber. And its bleaching and dye. While cotton fiber is the safest for the environment.
Not only this, the packaging of the textile industry is made of cardboards and cartoons that do not pollute. If the water effluent treatment plant does the right thing for pollution control in the plant, then the polluted wastes can be stopped from the exit.Shri Jain said that the natural methods should be removed from the colors of flowers, leaves, plants and special soil. Reshamdayal – Deendayal, Manish Sinha, Jitendra Kumar, Umesh Kumar, Jaipakka Srivastava, Brmhanand Jha, Sanjay mahi, Vikas Sharma and TT Media incharge Mahendra Singh Rana was also present in the Summit.


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