ATM Fraudulent Gang Nabbed By Sant Kabir Nagar Police

₹50 thousand Reward given to the Entire Team By IG Basti


@ Rakshit Josain | Spl Correspondent

Sant Kabir Nagar : In a joint operation, SWAT team and PS Dudhara arrested 4 accused who were stealing money from ATM.
ATM fraud cases increasing day by day because in a digital guild every person use ATM card. Sant kabir nagar received many complained regarding ATM fraud cases.
As per direction by Akash Tomar SSP Sant kabir Nagar, SWAT  team alerted with PS Dudhara where 4 accused were arrested by police namely Rahul, Akhilesh Pandey , Shiva and Arvind.
According to Akash Tomar, These are professional in stealing ATM card. During transaction in ATM they used to change ATM card in very cleanes and get password also from ATM holder. All 4 accused used to  work in group and used to take money from ATMs with fraud. In inquiry it came to notice all were carrying reward 15 thousands each.
There are many cases of crime have been registered against them.


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