Ghaziabad: “Doubt” Finishes Whole Family


@ Ashok Yadav | Sr Journalist, Deepak Chandel | Video Journalist

Ghaziabad: Very shocking news reported from Shatabdi nagar under PS Masoori where a Family chief nosted his family and suicided.


Before suicide he left a suicide note and wrote the reason of killing his family.
A fulfill family in which Pradeep Kumar and his wife and three children’s were living at Shatabdi nagar area which come under police station masoori. Pradeep was jobless his wife working with Nasha mukti kendra have three daughters.

Neeraj Kr. Jadaun, SPRA, Ghaziabad

According to Neeraj Jadaun, SP Rural Ghaziabad, ” Pradeep was living with wife 3 daughters. He used to suspect his wife’s as per sucide note  might be reason he killed his wife and 3 daughters in a huff.”
In our society there is many problems but it doesn’t mean that any have right to kill his family. Need maintain pation get help other  and try to solve problem.


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