Shootout in “Meerut” colony , Police and thieves face to face


@ Parmod Sharma | Sr Journalist,  Munvar Chauhan | Video Journalist
Meerut: In mid night police arrested 2 accused in a house during stealing. Police arrived right time where thieves were in house.
Everybody knows that police have arrested many  crooks after encounter but anybody may be heard about encounter mid of colony.
This incident belongs from Sector 9 Shashtri Nagar, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh.
In sector 9, Shashtri Nagar a house was alon where all family members went to outside due to personal work only security guard was guarded at home
In mid night Security guard heared some voice inside the house he used his dare and shut the door of house. First he confirmed then he informed to neighbour about movement of thieves inside house.
The people of colony came out from their house and surrounded the house. As per information police also arrived right time.

A.N Singh, SP City, Meerut

According to Akhilesh Narayan Singh, SP City Meerut, ” As soon as police received information about two thieves, police reached the spot and announced to surrender but crook started firing at police, police also replied where a crook was injured who was sent to hospital for treatment and his co partner also arrested from house.”


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