Thought provoking book ‘Marauders of Hope’ on Multi-level Marketing Scams in India launched in Dehradun


~ Author Aruna Ravikumar’s maiden book introduced amongst eminent personalities ~

 @ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Dehradun: Multi-level marketing schemes are prevalent in the country for over two decades. These schemes are financial scams fooling gullible people on the pretext of offering easy sources of income.  Victims wake up too late enabling perpetrators of frauds make huge profits at their expense.


‘Marauders of Hope’ is an eye-opener and must read for all concerned citizens across the country and has victims all over the world. It dissects Multi-level marketing scams, draws why they happened and unfolds remedial measures to stop the cancerous growth of dubious multinational corporations that were quick at feeding off people, hungry to make quick money. This book is about the unconcealed greed of companies and individuals who reap a rich harvest through fraudulent financial schemes that are a recipe for disaster. It is also about political patronage and failure of different regulatory and enforcement authorities to contain illegal forces.

The author’s enduring fascination for words propelled her to explore different frontiers of creativity, as scriptwriter, corporate and documentary filmmaker, translator and television anchor. Politics and art, news and views, celebrities and ordinary folk, common and uncommon situations are all an intrinsic part of her journey, filled with adrenaline moments. Using her rich experience as a journalist with the print and electronic media Mrs.Aruna Ravikumar outlines systemic failures in curbing financial crimes that are destroying the social, psychological and economic well-being of a majority, to fill the coffers of a few.

While launching her book Mrs. Aruna Ravikumar said, “The heart-rending stories of victims and the unfolding saga of misery unleashed by the greed of a few marauders who manipulate individuals, families, societies and nations using them as sacrificial lambs at the altar of greed, moved the journalist in me. It led to months of painstaking research and interviews that unveiled the mask of the ‘Merchants of Deception’. If it inspires readers to don their thinking caps, the effort may have been well worth it.”


The book is published by ‘The Write place’, a publishing initiative by Crossword Bookstores. Priced at INR 299/-, the readers can get a copy from Crossword ( and Amazon India (

                                                                     Rana Daggubati, Actor (Baahubali Movie fame)

“The Marauders of hope by Aruna Ravikumar provides in-depth understanding of how Multi-level marketing scams have ruined the social fabric, betrayed trust and made a big dent in the global economy. Through this book, Aruna has given a perfect insight into the modus operandi, the manipulation of the system and impact on people. This could be your story or mine, but it need not be. All you need is the right access to information and its available right here.”



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