Kamdhenu Paints Challenges Stereotypes with #NayiSochNayaRang Campaign



New Delhi: Kamdhenu Paints, one of India’s leading full-scale decorative paint company has rolled out a new digital campaign titled #NayiSochNayaRang to give impetus to progressive changes in our mindset and stoke positive conversations on relevant social issues. This campaign is now live on Kamdhenu Paints’ digital platforms like Facebook, lnstagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.


The campaign builds on the premise that essence of true progress lies in embracing noble deeds, acceptance and respect of qualities, views and experiences that are different from our own just like different hues of colours. It brings imperative social topics to the forefront, encouraging the people of the nation to open up, deliberate on social issues and embrace progressive thought process in order to bring about positive and lasting social change.


The campaign features thought-provoking videos and photographs to showcase advancement and positive developments of society and reassure viewers that it is okay to embrace unconventional and progressive thoughts. Be it shift in our mindset that once accepted child labor to embracing child education, domestic violence to the growing culture of house husbands, embracing happiness as a single parent or mother to living a happy unmarried life; the campaign will revolve around breaking the glass ceiling. It very well conveys the message that the only way to build new and progressive India is to unshackle conventional societal mindsets, break down barriers and challenge stereotypes without worrying about the established norms and judgmental society.


In conclusion, ‘#NayiSochNayaRang’ will bring to the fore some exemplary instances to showcase the progressive shift in the way our society thinks and behaves to inspire viewers. It advocates creating perfect blend of conventional and progressive thinking just like Kamdhenu Paints which seamlessly blends creativity, decades of consumer insights and market understanding, technical know-how and unconventional ideas to come up with innovative new products to delight customers in line with the campaign tagline #NayiSochNayaRang.


Commenting on the campaign, Saurabh Agarwal, Director, Kamdhenu Paints said, “Today, consumers are no longer investing their time, money and attention in brands that just sell quality products at competitive prices. They are making carefully considered choices to buy from companies that stand for a purpose they personally identify with that reflects their values and beliefs. This could be on important values such as women empowerment, child education, health and wellbeing, or on broader societal issues such as environmental sustainability. In keeping with this expectation, we have come up with our new campaign #NayiSochNayaRang to influence people’s thinking for a better tomorrow.”


He further added, “At Kamdhenu, we believe that as a brand we can ‘Inspire Thinking’ and through #NayiSochNayaRang campaign we want to urge people to look at life from different perspectives and not be rigid in their approach. This campaign will bring out this philosophy in an interesting and engaging manner across the country thereby stimulating meaningful conversations.”


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