Harpic World Toilet College Completes One Year, 3200 Sanitation Workers Earn A Dignified Livelihood


@ Vikas Sharma | Sr Journalist

Maharashtra: Harpic World Toilet College, one of Reckitt Benckiser’s leading initiatives aligned to ‘Clean India Mission’; celebrated its first anniversary last month. Since its launch on August 18th, 2018, the college has successfully trained 3200 sanitation workers and helped secure sustainable employment opportunities for 100% of the candidates looking for jobs, post training. This includes jobs in reputed and recognized national and local organizations or companies.

According to SECC data the state of Maharashtra has more than 63,713 sanitation workers alone. The Harpic World Toilet College envisions the provision of dignified livelihoods to sanitation workers in India by uplifting their work quality, eliminating the inhuman practices and hazards that manual scavengers are exposed to daily.

Speaking on occasion of Harpic World Toilet’s one-year anniversary, Narasimhan Eswar, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, South Asia, RB Home Hygiene said, “As a responsible leader in the sanitation environment, Harpic continues to stay committed to provide access to clean and hygienic sanitation to all. Today, 3200 sanitation workers and their families and communities live a more informed, healthier and dignified life. We thank all our partners and volunteers for believing in the cause and helping us create a positive impact in the society.”

As a part of this initiative, Shri Amitabh Bachchan contributed 24 machines to sanitation workers and one large truck to BMC (Mumbai Municipal Corporation) to prevent private sewer cleaners from entering manholes to clean blocked sewer lines/drains, thus avoiding direct contact with excreta and dangerous gases. These machines are used for de-choking or as preventive maintenance of sewer lines at private properties such as stand-alone buildings, township, hotels and hospitals etc.

Ravi Bhatnagar, Director, External Affair and partnerships, Reckitt Benckiser – Africa, Middle East, South Asia said, “The sanitation workers trained from the Harpic World Toilet College are equipped with the right knowledge and skill, to further train others in the community and thereby create a favourable domino effect. We are certain that the efforts put in a robust ecosystem with the right machinery and equipment will help us in providing a dignified livelihood to thousands of sanitation workers and their families.”

In addition to conducting regular classes, the Harpic World Toilet College has formed 3 Self-Help Groups (SHG) in Pune, Mumbai and Aurangabad. Each SHG consists of 10 sanitation workers, who work towards becoming self-sustained entrepreneurs in the sanitation value chain and drivers of change ensuring that the work performed is with an increased level of safety and correct usage of machines. Sanitation workers of all SHGs have been trained on usage of the machines and provided with safety gear by the college.

On its first anniversary, The Harpic World Toilet College Aurangabad, Jagran Pehel in association with Reckitt Benckiser and key partners Kamshala, BVG, EY, Goodera, is going to celebrate the day by empowering sanitation workers through dissemination of these 24 machines graciously handed over to the college by Shri Amitabh Bachchan.


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