45 Minutes Counselling Of UP Police

Businessman changed his intention to commit suicide


Arun Yadav: Correspondent

Bulandshahr: PS City Kotwali in-charge saved the businessman’s life after counseling over phone. Along with catching criminals, now UP police is protecting people from committing suicide. An example of this was seen in Bulandshahr where Aruna Kumari, in-charge of Bulandshahar city Kotwali , spoke to a man who was about to commit suicide via phone. In-charge city Kotwali  inspired young depressed lives to live a happy life by trying a new way to stop suicide. He removed the idea of ​​suicide from his mind. Inspector Aruna Kumari said, I got a call from a woman on CUG mobile number, she gave information about Gaurav Gaur, Gaurav had failed to do business in Itali, now he is in India in a very sad condition and soon commits suicide. That lady gave me Gaurav’s number only then I called that number and spoke to Gaurav.

I talked to the person for about 45 minutes, during which I explained to him and he removed the idea of ​​suicide from his mind.  ”
This was a commendable effort of Bulandshahr Police, this effort should be done by the police of entire Uttar Pradesh Police so that the depressed people are motivated to move forward and succeed in their lives.


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